Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! My apologies for being away from this site for so long. While I may not have been writing this blog, I have been posting my makes on my Instagram page, but I appreciate not everyone on the planet has a ‘gram account.

When I last wrote, I had been working on three projects that are now finished. They were:

Janie Crow ‘s Persian Tiles in Lucia’s Figtree Eastern Jewels colourway using Stylecraft Yarns in Special DK.

Haak Maar Raak’s Rainbow Sampler 1 CAL – I used Stylecraft Special DK yarns leftover from other projects. The linen stitch border is inspired by Lucy at Attic24.

Painted Pixels by Susan Carlson of FeltedButton. For this one I also used Stylecraft Special DK.

I have loads of other projects I have completed over the past 3 years…some of the highlights are…

Dot and Daisy…the Daisy Square pattern is an adaption of Inas of Inas Craft. This one was picked for Stylecraft’s #Clevercrafters feature.

Grogu from the Mandalorian…I adapted this from Bethany Sky’s Baby Yoda “The Child” crochet pattern, which is no longer available.

My Neighbor Totoro…pattern created by Spin a Yarn Crochet. A quick and easy make using stash yarns. I adapted it slightly to include a mouth and whiskers.

Fancy Nancy Mandala in bespoke colours. Pattern by Dedri of Look at what I made. For this one I used Scheepjes Catona mercerised cotton yarn.

I also had a go at knitting…I call this my wabi-sabi blanket because it is ‘perfectly imperfect’. I used a combination of Caron, Scheepjes, and King Cole chunky yarns that were left over from other projects. I learned to knit and pearl by watching Darren of Mister Wooly Bear.

A bit of corner-corner pixel love…we are a family of computer gamers…this one by Haak Maar Raak using Scheepjes Organicon. It is called the 8-bit Love Pillow.

Lucy of Attic24…Yuletide Blanket pattern…again using Stylecraft Special DK…

This one is a favourite because has a bit of weight and is warm. I had the yarn sitting in my stash for a couple of years waiting for a pattern to come along that would make for a nice heirloom piece. This is the Galaxy Blanket pattern by Dadas Place. The yarn is Scheepjes Whirligig in Plum to Red and Whirligigette in Plum.

This one was for my husband…Stained Glass Lantern pattern by Lilla Bjorn Crochet using Stylecraft Special DK.

This one is my take on Haak Maar Raak’s Spicy Diamond blanket. This I made for my soul sister, and am currently making another for her daughter.

And finally…this a request from my soul sister’s husband…a really fun make. Pattern is by The Twisted Hatter, yarns RedHeart.

All for now. Have a great day!

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