Birthday Palico

Video games meets crochet yet again in this Palico from Monster Hunter.  The Palico is a player sidekick with special abilities.   My daughter asked me to crochet her one – finished in the early hours of this morning it was presented to her as a birthday gift.  The bow & quiver my daughter added – a Build-A-Bear accessory set that has been discontinued.  A perfect fit that completed the project beautifully.

The original pattern is a combination of several whimsical animal patterns created by Yan Schenkel.  Yan is professional crochet toy designer from Argentina and  founder of Pica Pau.  More about our little Palico later on.

I first discovered Yan’s patterns in 2016 on Etsy.   At the time, I had just made the acquaintance of a fellow cancer patient who admiring my work, gave me oodles of luxury yarn oddments that she could no longer use.  I thought Yan’s amigurumi friends using the gifted yarns would be the perfect thank you for my new acquaintance.

For Ramon the Donkey and Lucas the Fox, I used silk ribbon yarn.  I was really pleased with how these turned out.  It was a no brainer to add Yan’s book to my crochet library when it eventually became available.

Back to the present day and this little Palico – yet to be named.

There was no one pattern that was the perfect representation so I improvised by combining several.  My daughter and I went through the Pica Pau book and settled on the head and body from Rosa Cheetah, ears from Harry Wolf (minus the final row) and the tail from Marcos Coati.  My daughter chose the yarn colours from the Stylecraft Special DK range.

If you’re looking for charming  and unique creatures to crochet, Yan’s book Animal Friends of Pica Pau certainly fits the bill.  For little ones, embroidered instead of safety eyes works perfectly well – mercerised black yarn adds shine and dimension to the eye so it doesn’t look flat.  Happy hooking!


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