Made with Love

It speaks to my heart that things I crochet have sentimental meaning to the receiver.  Projects for family and friends centre around special moments in their life stories.  Favourite photos provide colour palettes connecting the piece I create to people, events and items they love. Handcrafted creates a unique and priceless gift.

One such project I’m currently working on has oodles of sentimentality.

What started as a Woolly Sheep knick-knack for my soul sister Robyn, morphed into a larger project.  Mzzzz Lammikin, as christened by Robyn, will be her travel companion and as such requires suitable attire for every occasion.

‘Fizzy Couture’ is an enjoyable challenge.  I made a bikini and a miniature version of Attic24’s Floral Weekend Bag.  A second bag to match the first is in progress – the two will be made into saddle bags – functional, colourful and practical.

An idea for a suitcase sent me on the hunt for miniature buckles.  Couldn’t find buckles but what I found instead was a thousand times more awesome.

In 2011, Robyn and I went to Paris. While there, we enjoyed a blissful afternoon tea at Ladurée.  This is one of my favourite memories of the trip.  As you can see by the image, I found a miniature box of macarons.  A perfect touch making this little sheep project a wonderful keepsake.

Stay tuned for more ‘designer fashion’ and luggage from the House of Fizzy Couture – the greatest challenge for me is to not overthink so I can send Mzzz L on her way.   As she embarks on her super model career in America, she’ll travel with a whole lotta love from one soul sister to another.


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