Colour Pop: Bunting

In my days before crochet, fabric, paper or foil bunting only appeared at birthdays or Christmas.  Now crochet bunting adds a happy pop of colour to our home all year round.

My first foray into bunting making was for a friend.   At this point I’d been crocheting for about a year.  I wanted to do a little quick something for her kids.  I decided on a hearts and stars bunting in their favourite colours.

Attic24 star pattern and the BHooked Crochet heart patterns were perfect for what I had in mind.  I added the ‘hangers’.

I nearly ruined the bunting by using a steam iron to make the pieces lie flat.  Not only did the iron flatten the pieces as desired – it also flattened the stitches in a way I had not foreseen and also messed with the shape of the stars.  They look more like flowers which is okay, but not what I’d intended.

Roll forward to 2016…and multiple failed attempts at making striped traditional Christmas stockings for my kids with yarn colours they had chosen.  Reluctantly, I conceded defeat and salvaged what I could of the yarns hoping at some point I would come across a pattern I could use them for.

Several months passed.  A friend on Facebook liked a crochet post by artist Loretta Grayson.  Intrigued, I visited Loretta’s blog where I discovered her Rett’s Flower Bunting Pattern.  Such a fun pattern to crochet and a great way to use up yarn oddments.  My kids Christmas Stocking yarns became bunting for their rooms – which they love – and get to see and enjoy all  year round.


The yarns I used for all the buntings are Stylecraft Special DK.  I didn’t block the triangle bunting…didn’t seem to need it.

Since making the flower bunting, I noted that Loretta created a flower square to match – another project for me to add to my rather long queue!

All for this week…hope y’all have a colourful, yarny week!

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