Birthday Book Rats

Oh my goodness…another busy week behind me and another in front of me.  This will be a quickie!

My awesome Uncle aka Dad is celebrating his 80th birthday in a few weeks.  Not one for being fussed over he was a tricky customer to work out a gift for.  As my Aunt aka Mom and I were chatting during our weekly Skype session, she mentioned that Dad steals her bookmarks.  Cue light bulb.

The ‘Book Rat‘  is a bit of comical crochet guaranteed to either make someone chuckle or roll their eyes in a ‘what the heck is this’ kind of way.  The pattern is well written and easy to follow – good practice for learning how to crochet in the round.

This week I made three of these charming rodent creations in the favourite colours of their new owners; green and blue for Dad and red for my nephew who is also celebrating a birthday this month.

The Book Rat is my go to when I want to add a personal touch to Amazon gift cards, book tokens or need a quick, easy teacher thank you gift.  They also make a unique surprise inside a large plastic Easter egg or Christmas stocking.  Yeah, sorry, I know it is only March so mentioning that December holiday is largely frowned upon.   But if you’re like me and crafting your festive gifts, then you’re probably already thinking about if not working on something now so it ready in time.  🙂

All for now…back to my hook and yarn…another birthday present on the go and only 4 days and a bit to finish it, so back to hooking I go.  Have a great week!

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