FizzyPetal – GW2 Gamer Girl

My crochet time is shared with an online MMO – GuildWars2.   I currently have 20 characters with one favourite that I’ve played since the game’s launch more than 5 years ago – a Ranger/Druid named Fizzy Petal.

I have two very good friends I met through the game and have since become great friends in real life.  For one friend I’ve crocheted a few things…one of them a Quaggan.  For the other friend I’m working out how to crochet a baby Dolyak – a buffalo looking beast NPC used for transporting goods from place to place.

The Quaggan is a much loved non-player character (NPC).  It is cuteness overload complete with gentle personalities.  My kids love the Quaggan.  I found a pattern on the internet and crafted a couple for my kids and GW2 friend.  They are bedtime companions for my children and a little buddy next to my friend’s computer.  Too cool!

This is one of the reasons I love crochet – it gives me an opportunity to show my affection.  My finished projects are never ‘perfect’ but they are definitely filled with a whole lotta love – a perfection of a different kind.  😀

Edit 21 Feb 2018: I found the original Quaggan pattern on Ravelry – updated site link was there too.  Yay!!  I thought it was gone forever.   😀

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