Nature’s Art – Snowflakes

I appreciate art in all forms, especially in nature.

It snowed here properly tonight for the first time since 2016.  When the fluffy stuff arrives, I have quite the nerdfest with my camera and super macro lens adaptor.  My prey: shooting a perfectly formed snowflake.

Over the years I’ve caught one or two above average snowflake shots.  Tonight was exceptional and I didn’t want to wait until morning to share.

If I had a better camera setup, this image would have been slightly clearer.  However, I think it not bad for my ageing rig and makeshift tripod (my hand on a coffee tin).

I’ve never captured anything like this before.  The light reflecting off the delicate ice crystal gives the snowflake a metallic sheen.  When I initially caught the sparkle in my view finder, it wasn’t until I zoomed in that I could see I’d caught something special.

Although not yarn, I do hope you enjoy the beauty in these shots.


  1. Robyn Walters

    I would say God-smacked… that would be direct communication right there.

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