Happy, Scrappy Love Story Baby Blanket

This has been quite the week for our family…our first proper snow since moving up here, a crochet revelation and best of all, the arrival of a beautiful baby girl to my husband’s youngest sister and her husband.

Since moving up here a few years ago, we’ve not experienced a proper snow fall prior to this past Wednesday evening.  Boy howdy, be careful what you wish for!  It would have been super awesome fun if not for the fact I didn’t feel safe in my car so chose to do the school runs and work commute on foot, in bitterly cold wind, both days.  Granted, only 20 minutes on foot each way – so easy.  In nice weather.  I learned that I love the snow – from within my warm, cosy home.

My crochet revelation: the Russian Join.  I cannot begin to express how much I love this technique!!  No ends to sew in,  joining a new ball mid-row is virtually seamless and the join more secure than knots when done correctly.  Colour changes are fairly easy too.  A word of caution with the Russian Join – one needs to be sure the previous rows are correct because undoing it doesn’t look easy.

My husband’s Grandma Lora loved crocheting for us all and crocheting baby things, especially enjoyable.  She would have loved making something for her newest great granddaughter.

After Grandma Lora passed, I inherited her yarn stash.  I decided, shortly after my sister in law announced her pregnancy, to use some of that stash for a cot blanket.  Since Grandma Lora’s hands touched that yarn, I like to think her spirit is working her magic through me for this blanket.

Over the past 6 months, quite a few gorgeous patterns popped up on my radar.  Nothing quite spoke to me.  It wasn’t until after the baby arrived that I finally settled on Le monde de Sucrette’s Another V-Stitch Version.

Quick to work up and oh so squidgy and warm.  My sister in law prefers brights, but Grandma Lora’s stash only had the one bright in a pink, so I thought stripes would be the way to go.  The bright will be the pop of colour that won’t get lost against the other colours.

In addition to part of Grandma Lora’s stash, I’m using yarn ends leftover from the Cosy Stripe Memory Blanket I made one Christmas for my sister in law and her husband.  (The blanket is inspired by one of their favourite wedding images.)  This is where the Russian Join is truly magical.  I can work in multiple oddments in different colours within a row.

Topped up with new purchases, the new baby’s blanket will be a scrappy, joyful story of love.


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