I Am a Squirrel

My greatest challenge is resisting new makes until my current project list is complete.  I currently have 8 WiPs and 15 PtSs (Projects To Start).  This did not stop me from taking on a new challenge – Fimo Clay.

To remember which hook I’m using for a project, I write the size on a plastic stitch marker using a permanent pen.  Unfortunately, the numbers quickly rub off.  Not an ideal solution.

My hooks need attention as well. My 3.0mm has seen a lot of action and is starting to bend at the thumb grip.  My hand also protests at the small diameter of the handle.

To solve both issues, I decided to try making my own Fimo Clay hook size markers and hook handle wraps.

I am a complete novice with the clay as you can see by my simple creations.  Sandpaper and varnish do wonders as demonstrated by the finished and unfinished hook size markers in the picture.  The markers will attach to a hinged ring for storage.

When I have the time, I’ll do a little research and try to produce prettier markers and hook wraps.  Looks aside, they serve the intended purpose – hand is less sore, hook has stopped bending and gone are the plastic stitch markers with numbers that rub off.

Completing the hook marker set and handle wraps are projects 9 and 10 on my WiP list.



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