GuildWars2 Cuteness Overload

When a fellow GW2 fan, friend and guildmate accepted my offer to make him a thank you gift, he presented me with a unique challenge.

He wanted a baby Dolyak.

A Google search yielded one result; although cute, it wasn’t what I had in mind.

The Dolyak structure is a close match to Attic24’s Woolly Sheep – a few modifications to the Woolly Sheep pattern and et voilà…we have a shape to work with.

The addition of facial features is instantly transformative.  Poor thing looks a little cold though.


With horns and fur this little creature comes to life.  I hope you will agree, just too dang cute!


  1. fizzypetal

    Thank you! I kinda wish I would have had a darker colour for the ‘fur’ because that would have been more in keeping with the GW2 model. The white is what I had in my stash.

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