Easy Beginner Project – Rainbow Scarf

The best advice I can give to beginner crocheters: resist the temptation to start off with a big project such as a single sized (or larger) blanket.  Start small – like with a baby blanket or a scarf. Starting small gives you enough yarn to practice your stitches and tension consistency.  If you make mistakes … [Read more…]

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GuildWars2 Cuteness Overload

When a fellow GW2 fan, friend and guildmate accepted my offer to make him a thank you gift, he presented me with a unique challenge. He wanted a baby Dolyak. A Google search yielded one result; although cute, it wasn’t what I had in mind. The Dolyak structure is a close match to Attic24’s Woolly … [Read more…]

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Mzzzz Lammikin – First Great Adventure

At 11:13 this morning, Mzzzz Lammikin boarded her mail bag in Nottinghamshire, UK.  Destination: Colorado, USA.   Complete with outfits for a variety of occasions, she also travels with a colourful assortment of macarons and the latest must read novel, Seeds of Hate by Robyn Walters. The most challenging part of this project was constructing Mzzzz … [Read more…]

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V Stitch pattern by Le monde de Sucrette – Tutorial

Correction: The chunky V-stitch blankets were inspired by Repeat Crafter Me. I’ve updated the Pattern Sources page with her details and added a new post correcting the attribution. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My first tutorial…wowza!  I have a renewed appreciation for others sharing their knowledge after spending 5 hours photographing and writing my tutorial with an additional 3 … [Read more…]

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FizzyPetal – GW2 Gamer Girl

My crochet time is shared with an online MMO – GuildWars2.   I currently have 20 characters with one favourite that I’ve played since the game’s launch more than 5 years ago – a Ranger/Druid named Fizzy Petal. I have two very good friends I met through the game and have since become great friends in … [Read more…]

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I Am a Squirrel

My greatest challenge is resisting new makes until my current project list is complete.  I currently have 8 WiPs and 15 PtSs (Projects To Start).  This did not stop me from taking on a new challenge – Fimo Clay. To remember which hook I’m using for a project, I write the size on a plastic … [Read more…]

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Made with Love

It speaks to my heart that things I crochet have sentimental meaning to the receiver.  Projects for family and friends centre around special moments in their life stories.  Favourite photos provide colour palettes connecting the piece I create to people, events and items they love. Handcrafted creates a unique and priceless gift. One such project … [Read more…]

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I Did It…My Way

It is July 2014 and we are at my brother in law’s annual summer BBQ.   As day turns into night my sister in law brings out a blanket she is crocheting for a friend’s new baby.  This is a surprise as I associated crochet and knitting as pastimes of someone like my Grandmother in law … [Read more…]

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“Disaster Dahling”

“Disaster Dahling”, a phrase made famous by a certain ballroom dance show judge, aptly describes this attempt at a blanket in March 2015. I had only been crocheting regularly for about 3 months. One of the issues with ordering yarn you are not familiar with online is that the colours you may see on your … [Read more…]

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About FizzyPetal

Howdy and welcome to my cosy, yarny spot on the internet!

Some of you may recognise fizzypetal.co.uk (and fizzypetal.com) from my jewellery making days.  Shortly after my 5th occurrence of cancer in summer 2015,  I shut down my business so I could focus on treatment and recovery.

Roll forward to January 2018.   FizzyPetal’s Crochet Chronicles was created as both a personal challenge and to share my creative and learning adventures with the wider world.  To become a proficient crocheter takes time and patience,  as you’ll see throughout this site.  My blog, like my crochet skills, is a WiP, evolving as I do in this beautiful, colourful yarny world.