About FizzyPetal

Howdy and welcome to my cosy, yarny spot on the internet!

Some of you may recognise fizzypetal.co.uk (and fizzypetal.com) from my jewellery making days.  Shortly after my 5th occurrence of cancer in summer 2015,  I shut down my business so I could focus on treatment and recovery.

Roll forward to January 2018.   FizzyPetal’s Crochet Chronicles was created as both a personal challenge and to share my creative and learning adventures with the wider world.  To become a proficient crocheter takes time and patience,  as you’ll see throughout this site.  My blog, like my crochet skills, is a WiP, evolving as I do in this beautiful, colourful yarny world.

Pattern & Tutorial: Fizzy HalfMitt v1

For those of you that follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have heard about this, my very first original pattern.  It is a goal that I’ve been working towards for quite a while. How this particular pattern originated…my mom & dad (aka my aunt and uncle), live in the high desert of northern … [Read more…]

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Yarndale 2018

Hello everyone! It has been far too long since I last wrote a blog post.   The truth is, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block and procrastinated.  Instagram has also entered my life and where I’ve been posting quite a bit about my yarny adventures of late.  Without further ado… My daughter and I went … [Read more…]

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Pushing Past The Comfort Zone

Howdy folks!  The post today is about a personal challenge I set myself that would force me well outside my comfort zone. In early 2016,  I decided to decorate the school sign so that it was more welcoming to pupils and parents alike.  The school buildings and children’s garden areas are adorned with cheerful, colourful … [Read more…]

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Donuts – the calorie free version…

Howdy everyone! Today I am talkin’ donuts…not the sticky, calorie laden kind you eat, with or without guilt, but the plushy, comfy kind you can sit on. The Giant Donut Floor Pouf was designed and written by Twinkie Chan and is part of a collection in the book Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Abode a La Mode.  … [Read more…]

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Ranger Blankets Finished!

Howdy everyone! Wow, what a crazy few weeks it has been in my little world.  Soaring temperatures, busier than usual schedules with end of school year stuff – I was struggling to sit down to post to my blog.  We finally have cooler temperatures, I’ve caught up on housework that was neglected during the heatwave, … [Read more…]

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